Monday, November 24, 2008

Chunky Potato Soup

Here's a pic! It was even more yummy tonight than before!

Ok, I' have already made this soup TWICE this season and keep forgetting to take a picture! But it is SO good. To be honest, it wasn't too great the first time, but when I made it again the next week I used way more flavoring and it made a HUGE difference.

3 medium red potatoes ( I use more-I need at least one potato chunk per bite!)
2 cups water (preferably reserved water from boiling potatoes)
1 small onion
3 Tbsp butter
3 Tbsp flour
Crushed Red pepper flakes
Black Pepper
3 cups milk
1/2 tsp sugar
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 cup cooked/crumbled bacon (or I use real bacon bits cause I hate cooking bacon!)

Peel potatoes (I didn't even peel them the last two times and it was good too!) and cut into 1 inch cubes. Bring water to boil in a large sauce pan (or any pan big enough to hold the final soup in!) Add potatoes and cook until tender. Drain-reserving liquid, adding water if necessary.

Peel and finely chop onion. Melt butter in same pot over medium heat. Add onion and stir frequently until onion is translucent and tender, but not brown. Add flour to pan, and season with pepper flakes and black pepper to taste. (it gets a totally strange texture here, but once the rest is added it smooths back out-I promise!)

Gradually add reserved liquid, milk, and sugar to onion mixture; stir well. Add potatoes, cheese and bacon. Simmer over low for 30 mins, stirring frequently. You might want to taste test it before you serve, and feel free to add more salt, pepper or cheese or bacon even.....If I make it again, I'll try and remember to get a picture on here!

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Emily said...

Microwave your bacon. Three papertowels underneath, two on top, one layer of bacon, all on a plate, no splattering or burning on yourself.